Regions in Ukraine

Find your gift delivery destination in Ukraine by region. Here we list the cities serviced in Ukraine by region, the delivery fee can be found in the brackets after the name of the city.

Cherkaska Oblast

Chernihivska Oblast

Chernivitska Oblast

Dnipropetrovska Oblast

Donetska Oblast

Ivano-frankivska Oblast

Kharkivska Oblast

Khersonska Oblast

Khmelnitska Oblast

Kirovohradska Oblast

Kyivska Oblast

Luhanska Oblast

Lvivska Oblast

Mykolaivska Oblast

Odeska Oblast

Poltavska Oblast

Rivnska Oblast

Sumska Oblast

Ternopilska Oblast

Vinnytska Oblast

Zakarpatskaya Oblast

Zaporizhzhska Oblast

Zhytomyrska Oblast

Волынская область


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