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Cities of Krasnodarsky Kray where flowers delivery is available:

What can be more delightful then flowers? Our floristic online shop has been in flower delivery service around the Russia for decades. In case if you have to send flowers to Krasnodar, we will be happy to render services for you. Krasnodar is situated not far from the seaside of the Black Sea. It is a very picturesque place with numerous beautiful flowers, especially popular in this city are tulips.

In fact, tulips are the most popular and favorite flowers in the world. None can remain indifferent to their amazing beauty. They have been imported in Europe from Turkey in the seventeenth century. In Asia they first grew wildly, but later the tulips started to be cultivated and planted by colours appearing into the bright singlecoloured carpets spread over the meadows. One thousand species of tulips have been known in Asia. In Holland the tulips have been especially popular and their price was huge. Such as the price of one bulb of white tulips with bloody-red flecks known as Augustus more expensive comparing to gold. The most coveted tulip was black. One famous Holland botanist managed to select a black tulip in 1672, but it was not a pure black colour, it was a very dark-purple tulip. And only in the end of the twentieth century a pure black tulip was revealed. Tulips are very popular for Christmas period as well as hyacinths and narcissus, because the smells of the tulip buds is so much pleasant that makes us feel the coming spring. Tulips are good for slim women because they remind us Thumbelina from the famous fairy tale. Many of well-know fairy tales tell about these magic flowers.

Select our marvelous spring bouquet of multicoloured tulips. Every composition varies in three modes from reduced to deluxe differing by number of flowers. We offer wonderful tulips of orange, red wine, and cream colours. Enjoy our marvelous bouquet in the cylindrical glass vase of pink French Tulips or a hand-tied bunch of vibrant pink tulips. They will be great for sending flowers to Krasnodar.

Our fresh cut tulips can remain in ideal condition during four weeks. These flowers are considered to be very convenient for flower delivery to Krasnodar. This long vase life is reached provided that you will try to follow the flower care rules. Leave the delivered at Krasnodar flowers to adapt for a while. Then take out the bottom leaves and put the tulips into warm water with melted sugar. Change every day the water in the vase and avoid for fresh flowers Krasnodar direct sun rays.

Our floristic company proposes you the flower delivery in Krasnodar. You can find an extensive range of different flowers which are grouped by various colours, price, and species for flowers delivery to Krasnodar. Your special person will see the perfect beauty of these amazing flowers. Choose any flower bouquet at our image gallery, complete an order form, then submit it, then arrange your payment and your flowers delivery in Krasnodar will be received at the specified place overnight or on the same day.


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