Regions in Russia

Find your gift delivery destination in Russia by region. Here we list the cities serviced in Russia by region, the delivery fee can be found in the brackets after the name of the city.

Adigeya Republic

Altay Republic

Altaysky Kray

Amurskaya Oblast

Arkhangelskaya Oblast

Astrakhanskaya Oblast

Bashkortostan Republic

Belgorodaskaya Oblast

Bryanskaya Oblast

Buryatiya Republic

Chelyabinskaya Oblast

Chitinskaya Oblast

Chuvashia Republic


Dagestan Republic

Evreyskaiya Avtonomnaya Oblast

Ingushetiya Republic

Irkutskaya Oblast

Ivanovskaya Oblast

Kabardino-Balkarskaya Republic

Kaliningradskaya Oblast

Kaluzhskaya Oblast

Kamchtskaya Oblast

Karachaevo-Cherkesskaya Republic

Kareliya Republic

Kemerovskaya Oblast

Khabarovsky Kray

Khakasiya Republic

Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug

Khantymansiyskiy Autonomous Okrug

Kirovskaya Oblast

Komi Republic

Kostromskaya Oblast

Krasnodarsky Kray

Kurganskaya Oblast

Kurskaya Oblast

Leningradskaya Oblast

Lipetskaya Oblast

Magadanskaya Oblast

Mary-El Republic

Mordovia Republic

Moscow Region

Murmanskaya Oblast

Nizhegorodskaya Oblast

Novgorodskaya Oblast

Novosibirskaya Oblast

Omskaya Oblast

Orenburgskaya Oblast

Orlovskaya Oblast

Penzenskaya Oblast

Permaskiy Kray

Primorsky Kray

Pskovskaya Oblast

Rostovskaya Oblast

Ryazanskaya Oblast

Sakha / Yakutia Republic

Sakhalinskaya Oblast

Samarskaya Oblast

Saratovskaya Oblast

Severnaya Ossetiya-Alaniya Republic

Smolenskaya Oblast

Stavropolsky Kray

Sverdlovskaya Oblast

Tambovskaya Oblast

Tatarstan Republic

Tiva Republic

Tomskaya Oblast

Tulskaya Oblast

Tumenskaya Oblast

Tverskaya Oblast

Udmurtia Republic

Ulyanovskaya Oblast

Vladimirskaya Oblast

Volgogradskaya Oblast

Vologodskaya Oblast

Voronezhskaya Oblast

Yamalo-nenetskiy Autonomous Okrug

Yaroslavskaya Oblast

Ненецкий автономный округ

Чеченская Республика


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