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Estonian flowers, what kind of them? We know exactly that the hospitable people of this amazing country definitely adore Estonian flowers! They even have conducted a contest to select an Estonia flower as the best symbolizing their country. The blue cornflower was chosen by the most of population and since then this beautiful flower expresses essence of Estonia. By the way, have you ever thought that every flower means something important? In the medieval centuries, flowers were used as symbols of the attitude towards a person who received flowers and as expression of undisclosed desires. Nowadays, people are free to express their feelings, but every different flower makes us unconsciously feel a deep hidden specific meaning.

If you want to express your sympathy to people you like or show you care about them, these feelings can be transferred by flowers. Therefore, if you want to send flowers to Estonia, you have to be sure that your special person will reveal what you wanted to say by this action. Even a colour, or a quantity of Estonian flowers in the bouquet has a specific meaning. If you think that a person supposed to receive your flower delivery in Estonia does not know about this flower property, just know that everyone will feel the similar feelings, because every flower brings a certain energy, their meanings have not been just invented by someone, they have been formulated and stated on the base of observations and studies for many centuries. You even can check yourself out, when you receive flower sent from someone, pay attention at your feelings, you will see that depending on kind of flowers not on a giver, you experience different feelings. Everybody knows that a queen of flowers rose means love, but its colour conveys a kind of love, for example, pink colour means friendship, white colour expresses purity, yellow colour determines jealousy, and red roses, surely, mean a passionate love. So, use our secret flower language and send flowers to Estonia with proper meaning. We’ve just cleared out everything about roses.

But what about other beautiful flowers Estonia? Let us give you a little information about it. Heartsease admits that you are in his thoughts. White aster reveals that your admirer’ love is bigger than yours. Hyacinth means activeness. Gladiolus expresses our sincerity. Jessamine asks do you love this sender? Purple lilac means that the giver’s heart belongs to you. White chrysanthemum reminds you that old feelings are still alive. Peonies are usually presented for wedding as a long happy married life wish. Whatever Estonian flowers with a specific meaning you choose, you can rely on our dependable flowers delivery to Estonia service.

Click the button ‘make an order’ or email our service support if you would like to arrange flower delivery in Estonia, to transfer your love with a luxury bouquet of gorgeous red roses, say ‘missing you’ with pale yellow tulips and express yourself with flowers delivery to Estonia.


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